About us

Gamergäris is a Swedish slang för gamergirl, just such a gamer is our founder and tv personality Paula “Fenjima” Manrique.

She got tired of the lack of nerdy fashionable clothes for female gamers and decided to make her own clothing line.

Vintage, romantic and colorful is the keywords for her taste in fashion. As you also can see implemented in all of the garments she designs.

About the collection

It’s all about handheld consoles this fall and winter for us at Gamergäris, we want to celebrate this incredible device that unfourtnaly has been replaced with the smartphone today.

We combine gaming and nature in a romantic and vintage style. At the same time we want to make sustainable garments as the fashion industry has an big negative impact on our planet today.

So with that in mind we got inspiration from the graphic artist Meyo and her drawings on flowers in ordinary things. We just loved the idea and implemented it in our artwork, the whole collection is a tribute to nature, the planet and gaming.

The premium collection is made of 100% organic cotton (t-shirts with prints are made in organic cotton and recycled polyester) , produced in a certified factories in China and Portugal. The artwork is embroidered on the garments for a vintage look and made to last and get old with you.

We have a vision of us sitting in the couch as old ladies with our favorite game on the tv with our coziest sweatshirt and sweatpants on.